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Why regular health checks matter

Why regular health checks matter

An annual health check is one of the easiest steps you can take to help your pet live their best life.

We'll welcome you and your fur friend, ask questions about their health and behaviours and check them over from nose to tail, reassuring your pet and discussing anything we find with you as we go. Let us know if anything has changed - or if you have any concerns.

A check-up is also an ideal time to review your vaccinations, parasite prevention treatments and nutrition.  Like us, our fur friends need different things as they age or as living conditions and activities change, so this is a great time to discuss the best (rather than simply the same) options for your pet.

Your pet will also be weighed and if their weight is a concern, diet and nutritional advice can be given. If during an examination we find specific problems that require further tests or surgery we will discuss these with you and provide the information and options you need. 

If your fur friend is on a regular prescription medication, such as osteoarthritis treatment or heart medication, we need to see your pet at least every 6 months. This is a professional requirement and ensures that your pet is getting the best possible treatment and that their medications are still working well for them.  Some medications can affect body systems such as the liver or kidneys so we'll keep an eye on this with blood tests as needed and adjust as necessary. This is also a great opportunity to tell us about any side effects or problems with dosing - so that we can look at alternatives, frequency of dosing or help you with some tips and tricks to make things easier for you both.

Remember that for every one year of our lives, this can equate to 7 or more years in your dog or cat’s lives. Would you only go to your doctor or dentist once every 7 years?  An annual health is your investment in making sure that your fur friend is living their best life - for their whole life - with you. Contact your Petfirst clinic to arrange an appointment today.

Better veterinary visits

  • Going to the vet can be exciting or challenging for your fur friend and they may act differently.  So, for everyone's safety, please ensure that dogs are under control and on a lead and cats or small animals are safety confined in a cage or carrier (a cover will also help them feel safe and secure).  If your pet is very nervous, talk to our team about waiting in the car or outside.
  • Give your dog a comfort stop before entering the clinic to avoid them accidentally peeing inside. Accidents happen!  If this happens, just let us know.
  • At your consultation, your fur friend will appreciate your involvement - after all, you're their favourite person!  Help by holding and reassuring them so that the vet can examine them quickly and thoroughly so that we can get onto giving them a treat! If you have any behavioural concerns, let your Petfirst veterinarian know so that they can help your pet while keeping everyone safe.

We love meeting you and your fur friends! So, if you're walking or driving by or would like to show them that our clinics are actually a really fun place to visit, drop by.  We'll make a fuss of them, give them a treat and next time they come in, they'll be looking forward to it as much as we do.