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Better veterinary visits for cats

Better veterinary visits for cats

One cat to every five dogs are being taken to the vet on this belief. Unfortunately, cats are good at hiding illness and in many cases, it can be too late by the time you’ve noticed anything unusual in your cat’s behaviour. 

That's where we come in.  Completing an annual checkup, which can include routine blood tests to uncover what your cat isn't telling you, can help us identify any problems before they have done silent, irreversible damage.

But what if your cat finds visiting the vet stressful?  We can help!

Top tips to help reduce the stress of your visit:

  • Select a good carrier for your cat, ideally a top-opening one, as they are easier to get your cat in and out of, plus they are generally larger than the side-entry carrier
  • Train your cat to see the carrier as just another piece of furniture with a favourite blanket, a piece of your clothing or a toy inside. Make it comfortable and inviting and leave it available and open for them to explore (and even sleep in!) instead of simply pulling out the carrier from storage the day of the appointment.
  • If car rides are a worry for your moggy, consider some shorter trips to get them used to this unfamiliar environment.  We're always happy to see you and your fur friends, so invite you to bring them for visits to our customer experience team to lessen fear.  We have treats!
  • From a young age, or gradually building up with older cats, get your pet used to common examination actions at home.  Gently manipulate paws, inspect ears, inspect their mouth and comb your hands over the body and legs. This will help your cat get used to these actions and reduce stress during their consulation.
  • Especially in unfamiliar environments, your fur friend might be sensitive to loud noises and bright lights, or worried by seeing other pets.  Protect them from this by placing a blanket over their carrier.  Our clinics have blankets to borrow which have been sprayed with Feliway - a safe and natural spray that imitates the 'you're safe' hormones expressed by mother cats for their kittens.  Ask our team or find these in our cat-friendly waiting areas.
  • After your appointment give your cat time to relax.  Offer good food or treats, and take their lead to reassure with attention or space.