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Top tips for fantastic fur friend photos

Top tips for fantastic fur friend photos

Is your fur friend the cutest? Yes! Is your fur friend the funniest? Yes! Is your fur friend one of our Petfirst 2025 Calendar Stars? We can't wait to find out!  Entries are now open for our annual photo competition - you have until Sunday 30 June 2024 to capture your fur family at their best and get your entry in to be in to win a $100 Petfirst Veterinary voucher along with a stack of calendars to show off to family and friends.

If you don't already have the perfect photo (and if you're anything like us, your phone is full of them!), check out our top tips for fantastic fur friend photos!

  1. Get down on their level
    Take a fresh look at your pet by getting down on their level. Your photo will be more intimate and engaging, capturing their world as they see it.

  2. Bask in some natural light
    Natural light, especially the golden tone of morning or late afternoon, brings out the best in your fur friend's features. Avoid using flash, as it may startle your pet and result in photos with scary looking red eyes.

  3. Windows to the soul
    The old saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul rings true for our pets too. Take extra care to capture images with your fur friend's expressive eyes sharp and in focus to really show off their character.

  4. Show off their personality
    Every fur friend has a unique personality. Whether they're playful, mischievous, lazy or an absolute comedian, try and capture them doing what they love most for photos that will have everyone smiling.

  5. These are a few of their favourite things
    Use treats (sparingly), toys or other items to get their attention, keep their eyes on you and make the session fun. Hold a treat right next to your phone or camera lens to get their best 'blue steel' stare. Is their favourite thing you? Take a selfie together!

  6. Capture the action
    If you're photographing the canine version of The Flash or the feline Simone Biles, use the burst mode on your phone or camera to take a series of shots in quick succession. Then, choose your favourite. An added bonus of this technique can be some hilarious 'out-takes'

  7. Let them be the star of the show
    A cluttered or messy background can distract from your pet. Frame up your photo so that your fur friend is the focus - sometimes it's as simple as changing angle.

  8. Patience is key
    Your fur friend might be a seasoned poser, or they may be a bit shy. Take your time, have fun and make it an opportunity to bond with your pet. You'll not only get the best photos, but also an instant win - time with your fur friend.

The hardest part will be finding your very favourite photo to enter into our competition. Happy snapping!

Don't forget to enter your favourite pic into our Petfirst Veterinary 2025 Calendar Photo Competition!  Click here to find out more.