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Black Hawk

Black Hawk HB Cat Indoor Chick/Fish/Gravy (Wet Food)

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Formulated for indoor cats with the goodness of real chicken and fish, this great-tasting, reduced calorie diet* fulfils cats’ carnivorous nature and adds welcome variety. Chicken liver and egg provide a delicious flavour, and the rich gravy adds all-important hydration, supporting your cat's urinary health and digestion. Yucca extract also helps reduce litter odour.

Real chicken is a great protein source for your cat, packed with the amino acids essential for building strong bones and muscles. Chicken liver provides additional protein, vitamins, minerals, and a rich flavour cats love.

Aids muscle growth and maintenance with egg, an easily digestible protein boost. Eggs offer a complete source of essential amino acids, the building blocks of your cat's body and contain choline which supports normal liver function.


Chicken, threadfin bream, chicken liver, egg, gelling agents, natural flavours, pea protein, fish broth, plant cellulose, vitamins and minerals, fish oil, taurine,Yucca schidigeraextract.

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